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News arrow News arrow Open call to the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption to respect the law
Open call to the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption to respect the law Print E-mail
12.04.2016 The civil organizations’ Platform for fight against corruption is sending an open call to the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption to respect the Law on Prevention of Corruption, which is the ground for its formation. The implementation of this Law is its basic competence and care, with a goal to protect the public interest.

The statement of SCPC’s president is assessed as inappropriate by the Platform. On the press conference that took place on 6 April 2016, the SCPC’s president without any legal grounds allowed only a partial insight in ex Prime minister’s property statement.

The Article 35 from this Law titled as “Publicity for the property statement” states that the property statement data are public, except the law protected data. The public data for all people quoted in Article 33, Paragraph 1 should be published on the SCPC’s website.
The Platform points out that the Law does not include a provision that regulates:

a) that the property statement will be removed from SCPC’s website after leaving the position
b) that the property statements will not be published, which according to the law should be delivered 30 days after leaving the position
We invite the Commission to publish the property statements of all Commission members, due to the fact that Article 50-a unambiguously points out that every member of the State Commission has the obligation to deliver the property statement and the form for property changes to the State Commission in order to be published.

The Platform also reminds the SCPC and the general public too, that the information contained in the property statements is public, and the need of insight in this information should not be additionally explained.

Moreover, the Platform is asking the SCPC not to remove the current data from its website and also to publish all property statements for property changes regarding the last MPs, which will be delivered within 30 days after the dissolution of the Parliament of 7 April. SPCS should do the same when the current government will not be in power anymore.

Finally, we would like to inform the public about our concern regarding the attitude of the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption that continues to work in an isolated and in a non-transparent manner. By doing so, the Commission as an independent state body with wide-ranged competence and authority, causes detriment to the importance and the confidence in the integrity of this body.
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